We are Vinetta.


Joel Penn
Partner | Chef + BOH

Amanda Newsom
Partner | Operations + FOH

Will Cantrell
Sous Chef


Vinetta is a duo of chef Joel Penn and partner Amanda Newsom. Joel dedicates most of his time in the kitchen now to Vinetta, but most recently he could be found working as chef de cuisine at Wrecking Bar Brew Pub, executive chef at Heirloom Cafe and sous chef at The National. Amanda is the marketing and communications manager at Giving Kitchen.

Both fans of food, Vinetta started off as Tasty Beast Supper Club in 2013 in Athens, GA as a way for Joel to try recipes from cookbooks on his shelf that vegetarian Amanda wasn’t up for partaking in.

What began as a few friends coming over to help Joel explore different cuisines evolved into a full-blown seated supper club each quarter with a different menu theme each time. When Joel and Amanda moved to Atlanta in November 2017, they began rethinking their supper club and decided to start fresh with a new name and new look as they joined the pop-up scene.

At each supper club, a different chef would join Joel in the kitchen to help prepare the meal, but since being in Atlanta, Joel and Amanda have been honored to have Will Cantrell of Staplehouse by their sides as Vinetta’s sous chef on this pop-up/supper club adventure.